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Bro you are good. You got this. I was 5'10 about 245, and my ex was 5'7 ~110. Weight isn't a deal breaker for everyone and if you had chemistry before you have to go for it, the worst thing she is going to say is no. From my experience if you have an emotional or mental connection it can be much more powerful then a physical attraction (although there still needs to be some). Good luck man!


We instantly hit it off on Tinder a couple weeks ago. Upfront we were both clear and in agreement of what we were looking for from each other. A no-strings type of deal, (both of us are recently out of LTR and just looking to have some fun. Come to find out she is very recently out of a 5+ year relationship). We set a tentative time to go on a date, see if there was still a connection and just go from there, no commitments from either side.

But our conversations where great (somewhat overly sexual), and basically non-stop for the next 3 days after we initially matched. There was a clear difference between this conversation and others that I have had with tinder dates in the past. This is when we both started to realize that we actually really enjoyed talking to each other and it felt like there could a potential for more then just a hook-up. On the third night of texting and some calling back and forth we end up sexting and it was amazing, I could feel that we really have chemistry. And she said she felt the same way and couldn't wait to actually meet.

The weekend comes and both of us are very busy so the communication definitely slowed down at this point, which I didn't see as a bad thing, except that I did miss talking with her. Our communication over the weekend consisted of a couple texts back and forth, but minimal for the most part. On Monday (when we were going to meet) she told me that she felt like everything was going too fast and too forward and that she just wanted to slow way down. At this point I was really into her so I didn't want to push her away, and honestly I didn't disagree that we were moving very fast, so I agreed.

Over the next couple of days I tried to pull back and give her space, as I didn't want to seem overly needy or that I wasn't listening to what she wanted. It seemed to work, as she initiated conversation with me on more then one occasion, which was great! But our conversations were not at all like they were in the beginning, where they were heavy in sexual context. Now our conversations are more vanilla, which is fine, but I feel like she is losing interest in me, or was at least more interested when I was more aggressive and sexual in nature. I was not and still am not sure if she is looking for me to be sexual so I have tended to stay away, for the most part, to try and have more of the slow approach, but she is still very clear about my intentions.

In the past couple days she has told me multiple times that she does actually like me (not from me asking), and she misses talking to me, but also likes being friends. I really don't know how to read that.


She got her hook up in the form of a sext convo, and is fazing. You might get along well, but it’s not the right time and it’s not gonna happen. She’s recently out of a serious relationship; she likes you as a person, and is probably a really decent human being so she isn’t going to outright tell you she got what she wanted and bye, but that’s what’s happening.

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This is definitely a possibility, because I felt that way immediately afterwards too, but then I realized I was kind of into her more then just that. So in your opinion there is no hope? Unfortunate, but understandable. Thanks for your insight.

If you guys haven’t even met in real life, I can guarantee you you’re not going to. You were both seeking attention and validation, and she’s making it clear, without the actual words, that nothing more is going to happen. I’m a female, and I’ve used tinder. Sorry about your luck, but tinder sucks for dudes like 95% of the time, and only ends up in relationships like 2% of the time, if ever (and highly depending on what the volume of people there are in your area - the more people, the less likely).

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You win some, you lose some. It's all good. I like her, but it's not like I can't move on if I need to. I felt like I needed an outside look and you have given me one to consider. Either way, I appreciate your candor.

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Yeah, sorry, I’m not going Skulltown no matter how many times you ping it.

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This is easily my favorite comment on this entire thread. The endless amount of level 23 twats with 5 kills that ping skulltown or the hot zone every game and then die instantly is the worst. There are plenty of other "Hot Drops" to engage in combat right away compared to landing Tilted Towers v2.0

Post your picks

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Not what OP meant but I believe you can take the key from one fort and bring it to another active fort and use it. Haven't actually tried it but my friend suggested leaving with the key when another crew rolled up as we finished so they wouldn't get the loot and we figured it might work at another fort. Though there wouldn't be loot unless it was active

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Not sure if this was patched, but we did exactly this back in July and the new fort we brought it to did not have loot.

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