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so confused. drumpf told me a shooter wouldn't go anywhere near a school "protected" by someone with a gun. But there was still shooting.

Thank god no bystanders were struck/killed - this time.....

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when drumpf shits into your open mouth, do you just swallow whole or do you chew first?

and of course this is a metaphor for the heightened degree of your unquestioning acceptance of drumpfian bullshit. I would never for a moment suggest someone with such a pronounced fetish for drumpf as you evidently suffer from is naturally inclined to coprophagy

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So, lotsa folding?

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folding, spindling AND mutilating


  1. not actual title

  2. a minute? a minute is what you've got? drumpf shits out more stupid/cringeworthy than that before breakfast every morning

Aaaand it was all just the usual NK bullshit

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c'mon, let's be fair to them - there was also a hefty, steaming portion of drumpf's usual bullshit right there next to it

Add Pompeo to the long & lengthening list of People Who Want To Be Taken Seriously who have blowtorched their "conventional" reputations by hooking their faces to drumpf's chancred asshole

Congratulations Mr 1st in Your Class West Point Grad, Harvard this & that - you've contributed to the further humiliation of the country you claim you give a shit about. Do us a favor: tell Mueller you'll testify, too.

When does this shit end, and why hasn't Congress started ending it yesterday

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I look forward to watching the Dems snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...again. Trump winning 2020 will be the crowning achievement. Hopefully the left keeps insulting Trump supporters and continue with their failed coup attempts.

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Hopefully the left keeps insulting Trump supporters

ok. where would you like me to start, whistledick?

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Sounds good! Just keep an eye on those polls. They were SPOT on in 2016. How do Democrats expect to win another election without the help from illegal immigrants and the standard DNC (Debbie Wasserman-in the news again FYI) fraud/rigging?

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Yat-yas is say-tay spelled backward

or maybe asswipe. you be the judge

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meaningless is your idiotic post. drumpf isn't worth the price of a hideously bad toupee

To be in the top 1% of income earners you need to make at least $465,626.

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what's the threshold for being in the top 1% of scumbags?

Not being present for your wife’s surgery? I don’t know, I’m not sure how one quantifies scumbaggery.

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I don’t know, I’m not sure how one quantifies scumbaggery.

true, once you've established you've got a scumbag on your hands, there's not a lot of point placing them on a finely graduated scale of that attribute

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Difference between me and you is that you I can hold these arguements outside of internet forums. You should try it while telling people they're entitled to be as stupid as they like.

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uhm, you don't know me & you don't know how blunt - and yet persuasive - I can be in person. Do you, Mr. Jones?

Trump has accomplished more in his first 1 1/2 years that Obama did in 8. That's a fact, whether you like Trump or not.

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did you finish those shrooms, or are you sharing

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