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Pretty easy to finish if you have got the time. Plus taking all the coins possible you make 150k+ so its not bad, assuming you finish in ultimate.

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To finish how many total solos are needed to be done?

I use remote play and I really like it... You can log in and do pretty much whatever you want from wherever thru wifi... I use it on my vita so I can play solos still, when they had the app for android I could do everything except play solos and it came in handy... If you have the time to use it I would recommend it!

Have you ever seen trigger grips for the vita? If not look it up on ebay, it's a game changer for the vita

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I have the official remote play assist attachment for it.... Yes it is a must when using remote play on a vita.

Not likely next Monday when offense solos drop

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I agree and maybe the other one or two when/ if they do solos for the SB promo...

Last year they had the silver chems and didn't upgrade them either... So I guess it is just how they do the RP cards...

With the wife disagreeing I would think considering this might be a awful idea. The main difference is the graphics and unless your using a 4k TV you wont notice the difference. Seems like a lot to spend when in the big scheme of things we aren't to far off from the 5, even 2 years down the road makes spending $400 bucks now seem iffy..

I personally think we would get regular dual chems on a card before we get dual red chems...

I really doubt anyone pays $115 dollars daily on a mobile game. I bet 90% of users on that game don’t pay for points.

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I can only speak for one person, my son. He has madden on the console and plays mobile.... He seems to like playing the mobile version on his tablet better... He has never once asked for points on the console but he gets a little money every week to spend on mobile which he does....

I wouldn't give your son money to give to Ea, even more so, just to have him gamble. But its your money and your son.

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Everyone doesn't see it the same way... I understand that it seems the masses are in the F EA side, but as I wish they did more I can live with the way madden is this year because to me it's just a game and I don't let it dictate my happiness... My 10 year old son gets happiness playing madden on mobile so I will continue to let him make small purchases on mobile as long as he is happy. Everyone is different and sees things different, on here there is the internet mentality and it shows by my other comment being downvoted for stating nothing controversial or negative to anyone....

Agreed, it wouldn't surprise me if these promos were different (or even if they omitted Playoffs content entirely, honestly), but I HIGHLY doubt we'll see gold TOTY cards, or even low elites.

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With the way the did week 17 TOTW (omitting playoff players) I highly doubt they wont have a playoff promo...

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