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Endgame. Baku. Dega. Name a better weekend, I dare you.

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Probably is, but I can't think of one right now.

I'm so, so excited for Endgame. I'm a bigger Star Wars fan, but I've really gotten into Marvel lately, so I'm looking forward to this movie. It's gonna make all the monies...

Super excited for this weekend!

I'm going to see Avengers Endgame Saturday and going to Talladega Sunday. I'm not sure which one I'm looking for forward to the most!

I've gotta find a driver to pull for Sunday, though. Since Jr retired I've been having trouble picking one.

Hayden Christensen- oh wait

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I wish Hayden could have gotten better direction from George Lucas. The story was there...the story was great...the acting wasn't.

I like Hayden. I hope to see him in Episode 9. I just wish the prequels were done better for his sake.

My parents telling me to do something I'm already doing.


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People who start an argument or conversation and insist their opinion is the correct one no matter what you say. Also people who spoil movies,shows, games etc etc. Just because they are bored and think it's funny.

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people who spoil movies

I hate that. I got Star Wars The Force Awakens spoiled for me and I'm now worried about Endgame. I need to get off the internet now until I see the movie Friday because I just know I'll come across something I shouldn't see. All because people like to spoil things. I'm still mad about Star Wars...

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I've been trying to bring Groovy back for several years now. It hasn't stuck. Good to know I'm not the only one who says that, though.

have children

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Nah...I'm not having kids. I don't care what society says.

I'm a woman, too. I've just never had that "motherly desire" to have them. People say I'll change my mind once I find the right person. Nah...the "right person" will feel like me and not want kids either.

I was not allowed to watch The Simpsons. Most other stuff they didn't care about thought. It did not make sense.

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