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My husband is very proud of his heritage, and insisted on a name from that language. It then became my job to find the as-easy-for-an-English-speaker-as-possible name. Sadly I still feel a bit frustrated and sad. I'm the one that has to explain it four times a day. :p

Mongolian (Khalkha): Эрт урьдын цагт (often урьдын is ommitted)

Early before time/In an earlier time

Hmm as a Stray Kids’ fan I can say that relatable lyrics and self composed songs made me stan and of course good rappers and performances.

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Yes, I think those are the crucial things that make SKZ stand out! I wonder if the self-composed part is what is making it hard for them to compete in Korea though.

I seem to be slap bang in the epicenter between Eastwood/Ryde/Castle Hill/Baulkham Hills. My toddler and I are going stir crazy as playgroup, shopping centers, public transport become off limits. Not to mention my sister is an emergency doctor and husband is a nurse so they’re bound to run into it across two different Sydney hospitals. Hope your cousin is ok.

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I don't know how you'd feel about this, but my three-year-old has been fully immunised, and I haven't been in any of those locations (I was immunised as a child). Feel free to DM if you want to come visit us in Lane Cove!

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That may be true but this is TWICE.

They're on a different level.

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I agree that they would sell better than SKZ (it IS Twice), but from JYPE's perspective, if the band with Aussie members can't sell all their tickets, then Australia may not be worth their time when it would be more profitable elsewhere. Costs in Australia are going to be higher than just about every other market (maybe NZ would be worse).

I'm pretty sure Day6 toured here, but in an even smaller venue than SKZ. And Got7 did a series of fan meetings but maybe not any concerts afterwards? Anyone know better?

Went to GOT7's fanmeeting years ago and it was held at The Big Top. Venue is rather small for a K-pop event and it was quite packed, but I dont think it was a sold out show (it's only a fanmeet after all). They didnt held any concert after that. Day6 had their concert at Enmore Theatre, not sure if it was a sold out show (I think they ran out of either GA / seating tix) but it was packed too. I think the venue was perfect because Day6 is a band and they dont really need an extended stage and giant screen for their performances. Afaik, SKZ managed to sell out their seating + VIP tix for their Sydney show.

Tbh I'm quite surprised GOT7 didnt stop in Sydney for their world tour last year.. maybe because the production cost is too high here in Sydney and Big Top as a venue was too small? Come to think of it, there isnt a "medium-sized" venue that could fit the performances for K-Pop bands here. I feel like Twice is too "high-profile" to perform in a venue like The Big Top, but at the same time, Qudos might be too big for them. I'm interested to see how Monsta X's concert will turn out in June as they'll be the first K-Pop act to perform in ICC.

It'll be great for Twice to add a Sydney date but if any of you are thinking of flying, Kuala Lumpur might be a good option. Accommodation + food + other expenses are quite affordable!

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Thanks for that explanation! Oh, Monsta X are doing ICC? If they can fill it, surely Twice can; let’s see. Though tickets have to be reasonable...

I feel like part of the problem is that, due to high costs here, in order to keep the same rate of profits as elsewhere the tickets end up being more expensive than casual fans want to pay.

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I like listening to K-Pop because I don't understand Korean, and I generally prefer songs where I either don't understand the lyrics or ones where there are no lyrics at all (instrumental stuff like soundtracks).

Are you me?

Tho I don't really like intrumental choruses, mostly coz I find the instrumentals there not fitting the song at all

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Also me! I'm an editor, I can't listen to music I can understand while working, I start typing it out accidentally. :p

It's not really my type of music.

I'm not a fan of the "noisey sound" - similar cases are Monsta X and BTS

I still like some songs like Grow Up & currently Miroh is a really good reason to still check them out from time to time, but atm there are to many groups which suits more my taste.

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Another suggested song for you: Insomnia. Plus the MV is another street version, ha ha!

I don’t, but a lot of older people from my church have spotted a BBC-style actress with the same rare Gaelic name in a TV show’s credits, and have come to me very excitedly telling me “It’s really a name!” Yes. Yes, it is. ;p

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