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These were my parents from the time of conception until I moved out at 18, in both house and cars. As did their friends. And still throughout their lives, whenever Ive gone home to visit, no change. Their bodies, their business you think. Right?
NOOO. Because I've been diagnosed with COPD at 47 and I DONT SMOKE. If you do this to your kids, I hope you die sooner than later, so your kids have a better chance to be healthy. Oh and fuck you too.

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My sister and brother-in-law does the same thing with her 2 sons and wonders why they have respiratory, asthma, ear, and every other infection, plus headaches constantly. They've both had tonsils and adenoids removed. But they insist the information on smoking is exaggerated. Yep, not the cigarettes.

OMG!! That's hilarious! I wish I had a baby around... I do have cats. LMAO

This is the story of my life!! I get severe migraines. I have set up my life to avoid my triggers: most perfumes/colognes, hand lotions, deodorant, detergents, kerosene (gas), wood burning etc... When my son lived at home, I would have to sniff approve his colognes and deodorant. I will ask friends to please not use a lot of perfume and lotion when we go out. It's sad but my migraines are disabling.

Sounds to me like someone heard keywords as if you were searching in Google. Obama+articulate+well= RACIST REMARK. Hmm. Well, nevermind the rest.

So proud of you!!! That's a difficult thing to kick so cheers!

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Are you in the US? Have you been at your job a year or more, and have worked 1250 hours in the past year? Does your employer have more than 50 employees? Then you are entitled to FMLA under the law and your job is safe, should you be sick again. If none of the above is true, and you are in the US, your state may have a local MLA that covers you. If you are in the US, you are also entitled to reasonable accommodations under federal law and many state laws, for disability. That can include time off for medical care and illness days. That comes under the ADA. Even if you use up the full 12 weeks of FMLA under the federal law, your employer is required to offer you reasonable ADA accommodations after that.

You should inquire whether your employer offers STD and LTD. You may have to have worked there a while to qualify, and there may be a waiting period of a few weeks before it kicks in.

You have options. Please put your health first. Sending you prayers.

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Just because you have the right to 12 weeks off of work, doesn't mean it's paid. It also doesn't mean your insurance is paid while you're off during this time. I was just off for surgery. I took 4 weeks FMLA. I only had 2 weeks of paid time. The other 2 weeks came out of my paycheck plus regular health insurance. If there wasn't enough to take the insurance amount out, I would have had to write them a check to cover the cost. Then with no more time off after I went back to work, follow up appts or sickness were more unpaid days until I could not miss for 1 month.

Don't stop being fun!! I'm 47yo female. If you can't be fun at every age, what are you?

I understand your anxiety attacks.

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