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storm king as in NY?

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amazing shot — i had no clue this existed there. thanks for the inspo :)


Is there a better blanket word for the degree of which a steak is cooked? “Doneness” sounds a little juvenile for the research paper I’m working on. Any help is appreciated!


I've noticed a lot of bloggers say it's important to post on a schedule — but what if you're unable to produce your best work within a week?
What if you come up with nothing at all?
I recently (5 minutes ago) made an announcement on my blog stating that I will not be posting on a schedule (at least for the time being).
I consider it to be very limiting.
I guess my question is, "Does it really matter?"
Do people pay that close attention to your work?

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There are no rules but here are some lessons I've learned from the last 16 years of blogging.

Some will seem inconsistent with each other but I hope somewhere in them is some encouragement for you.

  1. Quality beats quantity - ultimately your blog will only attract regular readers, word of mouth spread if it's useful. If your quality is suffering because you're trying to pump out lots of content it's not going to lead to long term sustained growth of your blog's brand.

  2. Quantity is still important - every time you post it's a doorway into your blog. While point #1 suggests don't compromise the quality some bloggers slow down so much that they hardly post anything - which means they end up with not many doorways into their blog which can result in hardly any traffic.

  3. Schedules/deadlines/editorial calendars can be useful - I have found using a schedule is useful for a few reasons - it gives me a deadline to create content which means I don't suffer from the problem mentioned in #2. It also builds expectations in your readers that you produce regular content at certain times. This means they begin to anticipate and look for that content which helps with traffic. Irregular content can sometimes hurt your brand a little.

  4. My suspicion is that you'll annoy more people by publishing lots of bad content than occasional good content. While less content may mildly frustrate a few of your loyal readers you're more likely to anger them if you publish loads of rubbish.

Ultimately you've probably done the right thing - but... don't abandon schedules completely. I would still use them to inspire you to keep regular. Maybe use it as a goal rather than something that you HAVE to publish by.

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Considering a schedule as a “goal” is a lot less intimidating — thank you for that suggestion.
I will be searching for the right balance of time between posts, remembering your help.

Also: is it destructive in any way?

Is it proper to be terrified that my writing is not interesting or captivating in any way when I post?
This is sorta like stage fright — do you know of any remedies?


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