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what’s wrong with you

sitting with my friend at lunch

telling me my mom would see my pornhub search history

does tickling count? i’m extremely ticklish and punched my girlfriend when she tried to tickle me.

i get right back up as soon as i physically can. a few days ago i fell off my skateboard and hit my head. i blacked out for like 10 seconds and right as soon as i could i stood up and started walking home

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That sounds scary, hope you’re okay! Don’t overdo yourself cause that would be sucky! But I wouldn’t have been able to get up ahah, it takes me a minute to do anything when I’m in pain.

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i actually was fine! my brother took me to the hospital to make sure i didn’t have a concussion and i was fine!

instagram, like two years ago girls at my school started bullying me for it.

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