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I recently bought a travel sitar. 6 main strings never found one with 7.

I was just wondering how Niladri tunes his.



I haven't seen him use a travel sitar before (unless you're talking about his zitar?), but his normal sitar is tuned to D. I wouldn't be surprised if the zitar is the same as well.

Be aware that a lot of sitars aren't going to be able to handle being tuned to D very well. The high tension of the strings is likely to lead to a lot of breakages unless your sitar is built to handle it. If you're going to try to tune yours that high make sure you have some spare strings on hand because there's a good chance you'll have to change them soon after.

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Thanks!! My guru also tunes to D also. I’ll give it a shot :)

He doesn't use all the strings. 1st MA and 2nd SA only plus chikaris. His tuning is in D generally although on one of his latest CD's he played in D# but that was on a traditional sitar not the electric one.

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Thanks :)

Lack of focus, is a big one nowadays. Rather than spending time practicing material many students want to learn/know everything now,now,now in one lesson, which is impossible and many neglect the basics.

I gave a lesson last night to a new intermediate group of students and not one of them knew the notes on the neck or how to work them out. I had one kid show up for a trial private lesson once, saying that he only wanted to learn "technique", he had no interest in learning chords, melody, expression, theory, improvisation, or actual techniques such as bending, etc.. Just mechanical speed!! He had been playing for 4 years with so many holes, bad habits, bad technique, bad timing and no fretboard knowledge. I tried to explain that speed is one element and it's use needs context.

You don't have to want to be a virtuoso but learning the basics will create a solid base for what ever you want to do.

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