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I have some questions to support my essay on the influence of contemporary rap, those who saw my last post with my survey would know what I’m on about and thank you so much for my responses I had way more than I thought I could get! Thanks for taking the time and effort, it really is appreciated. I just have a few questions and I’m looking to explore deeper on how rap influences you as a person, and if a question is too personal then just skip I really don’t mind, I’d really like to know:

  1. How have you been effected by rap?

  2. Do you have a personal experience that you feel connects you and that artist on a deeper level?

  3. What song in particular hits you the hardest? Why?


A little bit of a backstory: Ive had a pretty rough childhood I’d say, I was bullied a lot for being fat and it kinda fucked with my social skills cause I was hesitant to start conversations, so in such it gave me kinda social anxiety, so a lot of my teen years I spent just hanging out with the same group of friends doing nothing

Fast forward to age 18 where I started going thru a lot more issues, I was forced to drop out of school to help my parents pay for bills or else get kicked out on the street, I was in a fucked up relationship with a chick who to this day I’m still in love with (I’m 20 now) we ended up breaking up and I was very emotional and suicidal, I remember attempting suicide one night over something she had said. When I was going through the process I had music playing in the background. To drown out any and all noise, the specific song was God Bless America by Dizzy Wright , Big Krit, and Tech N9ne. Not sure what it was but something in the song made me not wanna commit suicide anymore, I don’t know it gave me like this aura of confidence that I could go and better myself from my situation.

Fast forward 2 years later. Things have gotten better but I’m still depressed and kinda just “going with the flow” I’ve gotten into drugs to kinda melt the pain but that is never the answer, I was trying to get back together with my ex at the time and she kinda led me on which really fucked with my emotions which sent me spiraling down the depressed trail again. I forget what happened but I remember waking up, being absolutely fed up with life, and made the decision I was gonna quit my job, go home and just end my life, I went to work quit my job went home and started to get drunk, 12 am came around and XXXTentacions album 17 had come out. I knew the premise for the album was for people who are depressed and the alike, so I listened to it thinking it would be my final hours, the first song Jocelyn Flores played and I immediately started crying, not because I was upset, but because I knew that I wasn’t alone when the whole time I was feeling depressed I thought I was. This song/album made me realize that no matter what you aren’t alone and you shouldn’t ever think of suicide as the way out.

As far as song that means the most to me, it would be the Jocelyn Flores on the album mentioned, you can feel his pain through words and that alone is why music is such a powerful thing nowadays. Sorry for the essay I just wrote 😂😂 hope I contributed ✌️

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Original Poster2 points · 12 months ago

Shit man sorry I forgot I ever posted this as I thought it got removed not long after I posted it so I left it alone. This is so interesting although so heartbreaking and I'm sorry that you've gone through all this, I've gone through something vaguely similar so I relate to your story. I hope things have improved since, and that your mental health is much more managable. Thank you so much for contributing and being the only one to do so hahaha. But you've helped me a lot and I hope it's ok to mention your story briefly in my essay?

Helped you out. Hope to see the essay on here hopefully.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

Thank you so much!

You should probably post this in the Daily Discussion when it’s posted. It won’t get removed there.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

It’s all good my deadline is hella soon and I’ve got enough entries from all over the globe anyway, so I’ll just leave it here until it gets removed I guess, but thank you anyway


I’m doing an essay on how socially conscious lyricism in rap effects listeners in terms of personal experiences n that, just need some primary research cause otherwise I’m gonna fail my course. All my Welsh (maybe whole UK i don’t know if it’s been introduced) students understand with how much hell Welsh Bacc is. Pls help a gal out n do my survey there’s only a few questions I would love u eternally



i got u fam

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Thank you!

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