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You sleep fam takeoff has the best flow and the best lyrics. I suggest you go and listen to back to the bando, streets on lock 4, and no label 2. The only tapes that I can think of where takeoff didn't leave an impact were yrn 2 and 3 way.

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I don’t see it as men’s right to vote should be taken away. It’s more that they should sit the fuck down and listen to women. It’s more that these laws past are basically just to control women. If those (men) voted for this law were pro-life they’d also pass laws to support immigrants and low income families etc. Why are we so keen to keep adding lives to this country but we can’t even take care of the people already alive?

To add: Obviously I am female and guess what I work in the construction industry! Yes it is predominantly male but females are physically able to do the job (maybe not the the extent men are) but MEN ARE NOT PHYSICALLY ABLE TO BEAR A CHILD. What if women were the ones making laws on vasectomies. If women can’t have abortions all men should get a vasectomy.

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Well I'd argue that if a man can't interfere with a woman's ability to forfeit parental responsibilities(which is what abortion is) then a man should also not be forced to pay child support.

Well then don't nut in her?

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You've got to be dense because you've intentionally missed my whole point but if your argument is "don't nut in her" than my argument to you is take plan b if it's that serious.

Sorry Hippie, this isn't how life works.

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Right the only thing that'll happen is that people would think less about killing another.

You aren't lying i just reinstalled gta iv yesterday and it is way better than v. Back in th e 360 days v was okay but as soon as they introduced the hydra it was all downhill from there. It became less of a game about killing shit with guns to a game about grinding to have mobile tools of mass destruction.

That nigga dumb if he got more chromosomes than 23 that means he a defect.

Unfortunately for you, the others have spoken the loudest and made this an issue.

And it's not like a company can blatantly ask an applicant, "now are you going to make frivolous claims based on your supposed oppression?"

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Nope but you can make it very what your standards are and if you live in a right to work state you don't even need a reason to fire someone. Some people just need to be given a chance to prove themselves and that can't happen if employers aren't willing to take chances. And that's fine you have a right to do what you want including being safe but every single innovation and major success started out as a risk.

You can't fire protected classes without cause.

Minorities and women are protected classes.

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Bro I've seen it happen in my state on many occasions.

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It’s unfortunate, we have the most weak minded individuals completely blazing through our communities and spreading this nonsense. We will be wiped out of the US population soon. The smart ones will either find people of other races or completely avoid pro creating at all. It’s sad.

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Thats exactly what I tell people but niggas ain't gone listen until it's too late.

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