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I've only been checking out this sub for a little over a year, and whenever I see a "...collection shaping up nicely..." post I want to smash my head into a wall.

We've seen a million of these. They're all the same. I know you're excited about your new stash, but in my experience: you'll eventually realize that you're fetishising the LIQUOR STORE. Just go to the fucking liquor store. Buy a bottle. Drink it. Damn tasty, right? Go back the next day, or two days later.

Will you have 100+ bottles displayed on custom-built shelves to impress your friends by? No. So what.

Blah blah blah The Hunt.

No wonder a lot of the interesting people left or post less frequently.

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Original Poster5 points · 3 months ago

Since you have seen a million of these then maybe you should be annoying somewhere else. I guess your not one of the interesting people since you’re still here.

Embrace the hunt!!!!!

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