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Are there any versions of these posters without the text? Trying to use the Rocket poster as a phone background but the text is hanging off the screen whenever I set it up to look good.

Can you take a pic? I'd love to see it!

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A while back, think geek had an Ocarina of Time vinyl but it wasn't by the official Zelda Orchestra. I'm not sure if it's available anymore though.

Edit: Not on think geek any more, but found it on eBay for only a bit more than I paid for it. Composer took a few creative liberties with a few of the songs, but overall I still really like it.
Enjoy friend:

P.S. - Mine came with a digital copy too!

A very useful engine... OF WAR.

Alright, who let J. Jonah Jameson out of the game?

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I think there was a vid on here a couple days ago with a firefighter doing this and a second one smothering with a blanket. Then they let it vent.

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I saw that one. Perhaps it was a wet blanket?

Milk my titties true believer!

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The world isn’t ready for this.

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I posted this yesterday, but it was removed due to potential spoilers. Since there's been an official announcement, I went ahead and re-uploaded with a spoiler tag.

More pictures in the album:

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Great job dude! Do you have a link to the files for the 3D printer? I’d totally love one of these on my desk at work.

Here's what I believe to be his thingiverse post

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That looks like it! Well done my friend, you make the internet a better place.

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Perfectly balanced.

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As all things should be.

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