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I don't think they actually make much money money off vaccines. My guess is most of their money is made on the super expensive drugs. Of course in theory if a vaccine caused a lot side effects that can be profitable it would make sense.

But if they are going to try and maximize profits they are probably better off secretly funding the anti vax movement as it is probably very profitable for them. Treating someone with one of the more severe effects of measles will probably cost significantly more than the $50 they sell the measles vaccine for.

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Treating 100 people with measles vs vaccinating billions of people

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This has been my theory on it, it's far fetched but 100 percent believable, main reason my child is vaccinated, or if we get another Hitler esk type leader in charge, he can easily put a virus in that vaccine that sterilizes anyone with a certain type of DNA that he does not agree with. It takes a lot of trust when something is mandated for an entire country that has lied to us before.

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