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yeah, unfortunately its probably the gunpla with the most features in my collection, wasnt a very fun new years eve

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Oh yes, transformable kits are a pain if you broke something. Even worse when some random joint snaps in the middle of the transformation. You can maybe fix it if it's a 1/100 but if it's a 1/144, oh my god no.

yeah mine was the 1/144 hg unicorn, damn joints on hg are so tight sometimes, when i got the hg red astray i kept shitting myself trying to pose it, even moving the joints before assembling go loosen them up didnt help as much as i thought, but was real scary

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Bandai joints are a pain sometimes. But i always prefer loose joints rather than tight joints. My MG Sinanju cracks like crazy the first time I pose it. All the joints are too tight, shit myself too when I see the white lines running across the socket and the joint itself. Now when I build gunplas I always try to put the joint into the socket but if it's tight I'm gonna use some sand paper and sand it down a bit.

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*random golden gun poping sound in the distance*

Absolutely loves his work. The characters always seems so bulky yet somehow when you look at them they just, you know, make sense. Gotta get some protection to go against pilots.

puts Calus Selected on everything NICE puts Calus Selected on Blast Furnace WHAT THE FUCK

In Destiny 2 there's a sword called Black Talon, basically a homing rocket launcher shaped as a sword.

IDK about y'all but if they make exotic ornament accept shader then I'm gonna fucking buy every exotic ornament with real money(if they sell it that is). Because I'm gonna go like "holy shit that ornament with that shader is gonna be sick I gotta have it" I mean, that's basically a win-win thing, money for Bungo and I get what I want and if I can get what I want then I'm 100% sure I'm gonna spend my money again. I understand that's they called "exotic" for a reason but come on, exotic ornaments have no lore behind it so why not.

Dude new fight club looks rad.

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