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Ok but NOBODY saw it happen tho so... what you saying they can see through ash? I mean walls?

Is that Neo?

No it’s John wick.

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So you have an iPhone 5 with 6 internals what do you expect. S10 is garbage compared to Max btw.

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But iphones have been embarrassing for years... lol?

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You forgot Midgets

Wano is their big reunion man is going to be awesome. Sad that the only one getting some training is Luffy lol. Everyone one else is literally taking it easy.

You should go and check what’s going on in China. And ever think if they ever going to put that system in here. Talk about privacy there is not an option.

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I thought about jail breaking it but nah

Damn I think I might hard reset this phone now. Did you try to jailbreak?

Oh thanks for this post I was thinking of updating. Also I’ve noticed that too. Sometimes it has even froze lag on me. I had to wait a little couldn’t even turn it off. All buttons wasn’t working. That bug was probably the biggest since I’ve been using this phone. Have you experienced anything like this?

This should be a thing everywhere. Look at China right now.


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