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Wano is their big reunion man is going to be awesome. Sad that the only one getting some training is Luffy lol. Everyone one else is literally taking it easy.

You should go and check what’s going on in China. And ever think if they ever going to put that system in here. Talk about privacy there is not an option.

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I thought about jail breaking it but nah

Damn I think I might hard reset this phone now. Did you try to jailbreak?

Oh thanks for this post I was thinking of updating. Also I’ve noticed that too. Sometimes it has even froze lag on me. I had to wait a little couldn’t even turn it off. All buttons wasn’t working. That bug was probably the biggest since I’ve been using this phone. Have you experienced anything like this?

This should be a thing everywhere. Look at China right now.

It should tell you to do the transfer at the setup.

What do you have an iPhone 5?

This and something to wake people up just Incase they fall asleep during the movie count me in. But I myself will knockout hahahahaha


Let’s me start by saying that betrayal is a common thing where I’m from... that said friendships here only last when only rely only interest. Not because “I just wanna hang out” but more like “What am I getting out of this hang out?” lol.

I work in the security field and recently after 10 years working there I thought I made a connection with this individual... after like 2 years of talking and him telling all his good and bads.. anyways dude was going through some issues with his partner so I decided to accept his invite to his home, mind you I work and go home I rarely go out and I went out for him just to “Be there” as a good friend that I thought I was being lol. Anyways I spent the day there we chilled ate went home around 8pm, I got there at 10am. The next day I get a call from him telling that his partner might go to my job asking for money... I’m like dude what you talking about? He’s like and I fucking quote “ I broke something here in the crib out of anger, and I blamed it on you” end of fucking quote!!! I felt so betrayed!!! Dude blamed me so he won’t be in hot water with his partner!!! Now I’m here like damn man you know the way I am and you going to throw me under the bus like that in a heartbeat? Nah last time I let someone in last time I let some lying fuck mess with me and my life!



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