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I just keep thinking back to that Neville-OGS interview. "Where do you want your statue?"

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So we're just going to lump the CAQ as a "conservative" party because it's convenient? And we're just going to ignore BC?

They're the most right leaning party in Quebec, but they are leagues away from the rest of the conservative parties in terms of policies.

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I don't think the objective policies are the focus of the articles. The PEI PCs are a far cry from the AB UCP. It's about the trend, in which case the CAQ victory definitely fits.

The problem with the show isn't that the writers are terrible, it's that the skill required to write the end of this story within the confines set by the show, while maintaining the quality of the first half of the series is nearly inhuman.

I don't think these guys are bad writers, but I do think have been out of their depth for at least 3 seasons now.

Well, this season is quite better than the previous

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Very true, but also, the most difficult part is over.

The most important thing to glean from this highlight is that the Condors still have Pit Bull's "Don't stop the party" as their goal song.

He looks very good and the Condors should make a deep run this year so he should get a decent amount of time to stabilize his game.

If he's ready he's ready, but if he's not he's not. If we have 3 established RD come training camp, and he outplays at least one of them, then I don't see how he doesn't stay.

If we're dreaming, him coming in and having a Werenski/Gostisbeher-like rookie season next year would transform this team.

Colour me unsurprised. Not my number 1, but based on what we've been hearing he's not my last place choice either.

If we're getting announcements like this, does that mean if we haven't explicitly heard it then they're not interviewing any other currently employed candidates?

Would have loved to hear that they asked for permission to speak to Gilman.

Toronto and the GTA is about 14$ minimum at my theatre at least.

It's a joke.

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Minimum? Nah bro carlton cinema, $8.

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