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I hope I don’t jinx myself, but things are looking very good.

Little background: 27/m, fresh off a long term relationship last summer. Started to date, was sleeping often with 2 new women (both raw). Both in my mind were clean. Why? 1 has PCOS and gets pap’d routinely, never came up irregular. The other I more or less trusted, we’ve been together before and nothing was there - told me she was clean and I never saw any signs though I know she slept with another.

Around October/November I cleaned up my junk which I rarely do- I mean razor it all off, usually I clean it up with clippers just to keep it tidy down there. Had 2 red flags - 1. An ingrown hair turned into a fucking boil, right in between my sack & thigh. It was MISERABLE, had to get drained etc etc. anyways, back to HPV

I noticed a bump on the base of my shaft. Thought it was another ingrown, but realized there were a couple and it was obvious something was up. Wasn’t going away after a few weeks, keeping my junk clean etc etc it just persisted. Was super down after I went to a clinic and right away they said GW. I’ve always been clean so that was a shock.

Kinda flipped out, didn’t go straight to cyro or anything because I was seeing a new girl I wanted to sleep with and didn’t want to go thru the wounds and all that shit. Hindsight that might’ve been better

I spent weeks/months trying everything. First was ACV- flag cleared it up a little but I was an idiot and burnt the fuck out of a lot of my skin near the base of my shaft. It was horrible, pink & raw. Tip - use Aquafor to clean that up.

Smaller ones persisted, I don’t know why and what to do. Doctor was ready to burn/freeze it off but said I’d clear it out naturally. I didn’t have tea tree oil, but a wash, and that didn’t help. Maybe the pure one does but didn’t do it. Then I went to garlic..

I’ve always eaten a lot a lot of garlic in my meals. At the same time I saw HPV pop up I realized i stopped having it, due to eating out more or whatever (in Italian, cook my own meals and always use a lot growing up). I began to apply fresh garlic to these little bumps. They definitely reduced in size which was encouraging.


This may not be suitable for everyone, but it did for me. After all the researching I noticed when I didn’t smoke a few days, it didn’t flare up/would definitely reduce. But when I was smoking it was clearly there. I smoked a lotttt over the fall when the symptoms were terrible & now it all made sense - cannabis blocks your immune system


You just ate raw garlic or put it on the warts?...

I’ve been trying to get rid of this shit for 3-4 years now. ACV seems to work the best but boy does it do a number on my skin. Imiquimod doesn’t do shit. I just tried Tea tree oil and that seriously fucked up my skin. Not using the oil anymore or maybe I’ll dilute it.

My diet isn’t bad and I don’t smoke. I guess exercising could help and maybe those vitamins you linked.

I’m just sick of this and really want it to be done with

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I’ve always ate raw garlic, strange but I love it lol like I said it’s always been apart of my diet. Noticed the symptoms came up when I stopped have it for a while. Recently been putting garlic directly onto the hpv. Dont have it touch the clean skin, it has some acidity but not like acv. It has antifungal/viral/bacteria properties that can help. Main thing is just sharpening your immune system, keeping everything clean and you’ll be ok.

Thanks for this l. I just ordered a bottle hopefully that works.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

good luck brother! keep your body in check too youll be alright

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