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Are they the president’s copters? It would make sense if he is heading to NYC after the fallout from the Meuller report

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The parkour was at its best in this game. The story.....meh. PLEASE BRING BACK COOP!!!!!!!!

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This was the only AC game to get close to what co op should be in AC

As someone who couldn’t afford the game until a few months after it’s release I never hated it. Glad it’s starting to get the credit it deserved.

Sure the character arc was an Ezio reskin and the accents sucked... but I for one can look past that

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Id rather just have the full unredacted report.

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We have to trust in congress at this point, and to be fair Congress is all democrats. I hate playing the party card, but the republicans have made this in to a partisan issue so it’s safe to say Democrats get the last say here.

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Wouldn't it make more sense to read over the redacted report first to figure out the missing portions so that reporters actually have relevant questions? A 400 page report takes time to fully review. Even if it is just a day or 2.

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Say that to the people who claim to read the full Harry Potter saga in a day

Stuff some foam or cotton balls around the speaker

I just got my girlfriend in to Star Wars and am making us both light sabers.

I’ve already built the hilts by going to the hardware store and picking up an assortment of plumbing pipe pieces as well as some knobs and some O rings. Pretty satisfied with how the hilts turned out. Spent about $40 in parts for two hilts. Necessary tools are drills for creating little holes so you can physically bind all the parts with small screws and some super glue, that’s about it.

For the electronics, we ordered prewired lightsaber setups and blades from a supplier and I think I’ll be able to install them all pretty cheaply using super glue, electric tape, and / or a hot glue gun just to hold things in place but you can get creative with it.

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...why exactly?

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They’re trolling you

Do some kitbashing on it. Find a model kit at a craft store and throw a few of the parts on the hilt then spray paint the parts so they either match the hilt or are the accent colors you want them to be. Then just super glue them on.

I also recommend going to a hardware store and getting some metal pipe parts and adding them to your saber as you like. You can find plastic PVC parts in all shapes and sizes that you can also paint.

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Except here not all users are physical people who actually care about what you are saying

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Unless you’re suggesting that a large majority of users are automated I would disagree with this.

I think internet points are honestly a manifestation of social currency in a place where life’s misfits can find comfort in knowing they belong to a community, and in exchange the gift of coins / gold act as a statement that says “its comments / posts like yours that contribute the kind of value that makes this place worth keeping online” since gilding a comment is how Reddit keeps the servers on. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work since the inception of gold before silver got monetized and ad space started selling.

We all know this, whether it’s conscious or subconscious. Nobody feels bad when they receive thousands of upvotes, and in a way we associate the value of our contributions with the response it gets on a forum like Reddit because we do connect our egos to our social value.

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I dont know.

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Closure. This could really fuck someone up and if you have questions that’s the opportunity to ask but don’t allow him to apologize. If you just want to close the door and move on, I’d follow the advice of others and say no or at least that your are not ready. Sounds like your ex is very easily going to play the silent sufferer card and he has zero right to that. He doesn’t deserve your sympathy or the sympathy of anyone, I don’t care if he has been experiencing a hard time coming to grips with his sexuality... he made a series of choices that lead both of you to that altar and he humiliated you in one of the worst possible ways in the process of getting to know himself.

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