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I don't think Rakuzan vs Tōō would be a good match though, Remember in one of the episodes when it was stated that neither Akashi nor Aomine played in the match between their teams and at the end Rakuzan won, this means Rakuzan 4 > Tōō 4 ( without their ACE's ) On top of that Base Akashi could beat Kagami and stop him. I hate this about the series but Kagami zone somehow matches Aomine zone, this was literally the 2nd biggest ass-pull in the series after the "True Zone" thingy, so It would mean that Base Akashi > Base/Zone Aomine, Akashi Zone > Tōō. Even though it would be more hype than Rakuzan vs Seirin.

His relationship with Kuroko: they were a team like Kagami, Kuroko being the shadow and Aomine the light, but when the light grew stronger the shadow started fading slowly. They are still friends though, very good friends. The same is with Kise, he saw Kise as inferior to him but at their game he realized that Kise is actually strong and admitted him as his "rival" With Akashi they are friends but they cannot agree with each other since Aomine started slacking off training, when Akashi changed they were all basically sharing the same intent ( Aomine, Kise, Murasakibara, Midorima ) they were doing whatever he says. As for Kagami, the one that provided him with challenge and didn't give up against him like the others and even beat him giving Aomine a reason to start practicing again, he won't admit it but Aomine and Kagami are good friends even though they don't show it much. Seirin won against Tōō because Zone Kagami was matching Zone Aomine which if you ask me was very stupid way since Base Aomine is like 10 times stronger than Kagami but when they are in the zone they are equally matched... excuse me wtf?... Just like their game with Rakuzan, Hyuuga had 4 fouls, they were all out of stamina but somehow they are all fine after hearing Kuroko's friend saying "gAmbAtTe kUrOkO" and the one standing in front of the door is Kuroko, what? Is Kuroko the zone itself then wtf is this... Rakuzan were all in Zone and Seirin magically enter true zone and beat Rakuzan wp, wp... Its not like I expected the protagonist not to win but it would have been better If they didn't made Rakuzan that strong and outclassing Seirin's team like 100x times, Akashi beats them all while in zone and Kagami couldnt do anything and they still won...

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Glad you like it :D, back to streaming everyday as well!

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You stream ? Can you link your channel ?


The final game left too many questions for me how comes, Kuroko uses "Quasi-Emperor Eye"... Akashi sees the future how comes he didn't knew Kuroko was going to the opposite side of Kagami. The 3 Uncrowned Kings were made too weak, Hanamiya alone in 1 team made it really hard for them to win, even though he was a jackass, he was still strong enough to keep up with Seirin, but when it comes to Kotaro, Nebuya and Reo they did poorly If you ask me compared to what Kiyoshi and Hanamiya did... So If: Kagami <<<Akashi, Kagami Zone << Akashi, Kagami Zone and Seirin <<Akashi Zone + EE, Seirin <<<Rakuzan (without Kagami and Akashi ) Akashi dominated the court when he was in Zone and later on after losing once he lost himself and then came the Real Akashi, who was even more formidable than before as Kuroko stated, got past Kagami and blocked Kuroko's Quasi EE and got his team into the zone. Now Rakuzan was all in the zone while all of Seirin's players stamina has died, just like when Kise after PC they lose stamina so much that they were barely running but then here comes Kuroko's friend shouts "gAmbArE kUrOkO" and then all Seirin goes info true zone because Kuroko is the zone itself, nice... This game was literally the biggest asspull they ever did this was more asspull than even Kagami Zone being at the same level with Aomine Zone because his friends believe in him, I'm pretty sure this doesn't work like this IRL. It was very stupid to create character as Hax as Akashi giving him zone and EE and he beats everyone ( It's like Fate's Gilgamesh ), and you have to beat the guy that trained every day, can see the future, he has the best zone till now, perfect passes that lets his team near level of zone only to beat him with the power of friendship, but thats animes for you, Friends>>>Everything, the message is not bad but it get's annoying when it makes something impossible with it.

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You are giving him too much credits go rewatch the series Kuroko is not a fool I admit but characters like Akashi, Hanamiya, Imayoshi, Izuki are more intelligent than Kuroko, also whenever something happens to trouble Kuroko it's not Kuroko always to overcome them but the team's, don't tell me you didn't see that everytime something happens Riko helps him get over it and how to do it...

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You’re kidding right? Kuroko has shown massive amounts of intelligence when it comes to on the court situations

  1. He predicted Kise’s every move when in PC, something Akashi noted only he can do. He even noted that Kise would probably pass at the end of it all anyway (From Chapters 199-202)

  2. He tricked Mayuzumi into giving up his Misdirection while slowly regaining his own (Chapter 248)

  3. He purposefully allowed his Misdirection to run out against Too to create Overflow (Chapter 128)

  4. He outwitted Hanamiya (Chapter 105)

There’s no denying Kuroko has the 2nd highest basketball IQ in the series

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Don't you think you are over-exaggerating his "Basketball IQ" I admit he is exceptionally good and probably better than some of the characters but please don't tell me he is 2nd... Imayoshi countered his misdirection, there are characters with much more Basketball IQ than Akashi, Hanamiya or Iyamoshi that are above Kuroko like for example Midorima...

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Midorima is always in the zone, It's just that his glasses don't reflect the lightning. Anyway jokes aside, Midorima will probably be a little faster, bigger defence range other than that I don't see what else he can attain since his shooting range js already the whole court, he can shot in mid-air, what zone will let him? Maybe he will shoot 3's while backflipping ?😂


I don't know what's happening with my E I legit E only once and the other second I find myself into the enemy turret because Yasuo automatically dashes to the other minions 2-3 times... I legjt can't play the champion without this thing happening...


Shit, I forgot he got zone in last game lol. Didn't he also increase the time limit for PC as well?

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Ummm... No, His Zone + PC lasts less than only PC which was 5 minutes total, so considering that Zone + PC should last like 3 minutes or 3 and half maximum.

Ahh thanks for the info!

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No problem :)

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