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It's a shame, because on some level I think he's incredibly talented. He's got an amazing voice and honestly, with the right direction and guidance he could almost become this generation's Michael Jackson.

I'm not sure how directly involved he is, but it's whoever writes/produces his songs that is the problem. Everything's just so...throwaway. Focusing on his more recent work in particular, he doesn't seem to be interested in creating anything timeless that will be praised and cherished for decades to come. He just seems to create music that almost has a 'flavour of the month' feel to it, to be quickly disposed of thereafter. Putting lyrics like 'hashtag' in your music, is a surefire way to make people go 'Fuck me that song's dated' in just a few years time.

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no one become michael jackson or this generations mj....freddie mercury is still there...but ya some legends are jb bm jt al levine harry styles niall

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