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There was an online PC game i used to play where you had a character and it was a cartoon game with tiny people and you would explore the map and play mini games. I only remember one location, a waterfall and a cave, where you would try to get this powerup and you could become a bee and fly around. I remember there were mini games like tic tac toe? I don’t really remember a lot but it bothers me so much!

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Ah, thats the one from the photos! Sadly thats a different game than the one in this post, ( i didnt know before,) but thanks for helping me find one of the two!

Free Realms?

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

No, i remember that one though! It was less 3D and way more limited, there was hardly anything super fun about the game that im looking for :( thanks though!

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