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I've made a short, 3 minute, video where i search for the perfect intro. This is the first time that I'm just being myself, by which I mean no acting, and no over editing. It's not my best work yet, but I like this direction and would like to create more videos following this concept.

Self review:

I like that it's genuine, i didn't act and I didn't follow a script. I'm just being myself and I like the funny elements. I still have a lot to learn about talking to a camera but I feel that it's improving.

Video link:


Bwhahhahaha im a picky bitch and I loved it. Best of luck!!

PS if you DM me, I’ll subscribe when I’m on my computer.

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Original Poster1 point · 22 hours ago

I'm so glad to hear that, thank you! DM has been send

The comedy was good. And yes, faking your intro just to have one is probably not the best idea. Keep it up man!

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Original Poster1 point · 22 hours ago

Thank ou MagicPrepper, glad to hear that you liked it. All those fake intro's kind of bothered me haha

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Hey, it's been a while since I uploaded and I wanted to try something new. I felt like I was always trying to make something that wasn't really me, which made me grow tired of creating videos. So this is the first one where i'm just being myself, no acting or over editing. It's a short (3 minute) video about me searching for a good intro


You no longer need to add comments after Lambda system was implemented, now you only need to get 3 points to post a video.

Anyways the video is short and simple. Which is good and bad. You need to add some music in your background and cut out the parts where you looking for the name of the youtuber. Besides that everything else looks good.

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Hey ManOverBoardMob, thanks for the input. There is background music, I didn't want to turn it up too loud because it would else distract too much, will check the volume next time. I understand you're point of cutting out the parts of looking for the names but I deliberately let it in to add to the 'genuine' feeling I want people to have. I'll look into it in the next video. Thanks a lot!

Hey TheBuzzare,

As a climber this video was really interesting for me. I liked that the video was short and to the point. It kept my attention and I feel that i've learned something new. I think this is a very good format for videos and the only thing that could improve over time would be animation style and general graphic design.

Hey, I like the drawing did you make it yourself? Seeing that this is a welcome video maybe you could talk more about what kind of videos you're going to make in the future. Short and to the point is good, but this is maybe a little bit too short.

Hey Alphatazplayz,

What I liked =

- You're style of narration. You keep me engaged by you're quick and to the point explanation. You know what you're talking about and where you want to go with your dialogue.

- I don't play minecraft but I felt you're description was very clear and it was easy for me to follow.

- The pace of the video is really great.

What could improve =

- I can't come up with anything at the moment. I checked out your channel and saw that you upgrade regularly. You use tags correctly. Editing and general style is on point. Well done, i think you'll become a bigger channel in no time!

Hey LexPlex9000

What I liked =

- The length of the video. A short and to the point video is able to hold my attention and engages me to keep on watching until the end.

- I liked the animations, did you create them all yourself?

- Interesting story, kept my attention

What you could improve =

- The audio. What kind of microphone are you using? I think it has too much gain, or you are talking to close to it. Turn the gain down a little bit or create some distance between you and the microphone and it would drasticly improve. If you fear the audio is too quiet then, you could download a (free) program called audacity. Thats perfect to enhance your audio. You could search on youtube for "5 ways improve audio audacity" and you can find a short great tutorial video.

- Not really an improvement but I just wanted to say that I liked the video and wouldn't mind if it would be a bit longer.



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