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I have the same problem


I preordered MK11 from amazon and they sent me my code earlier today. I redeemed the code in the playstation store and it showed up in my transaction history but when i go on to the playstation store page to download the beta the download button isn’t there


I had the same problem when I first went on the MK11 Beta Page in the store.

It wouldn't show - so I went off the store and back again and it was there after 1 or 2 tries

Also, you're getting your code pretty late don't you think? It ends tomorrow (for me in the UK)

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Ive tried going on and off the store on my console and on the online web store and neither of them seemed to work. And yeah, I’m getting the beta pretty late but its better late than never lmao

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you can literally see where it has been edited out

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What the actual enitre fuck

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