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if I have the time at home, naked shits all the way.

To a certain extent I agree. killing time or relaxing for a couple hours a week isn’t sad but if you make it your personality or are obsessive then it’s a yikes

If you can take a dick you can take a joke, NTA

Cooked or uncooked?

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I was thinking uncooked, since they would keep longer that way.

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Oh buddy, yea that seems nice but ultimately kinda dickish, be pretty easy to just bake em, wrap em in aluminum foil and give em away with a like diner butter packet or something. Your hearts in the right pace though :)


Put em in the freezer, makes em taste 10x better

Grandpappy lost his shins but your gma was rationed her hosiery, who suffered more we’ll never know...

where can I get that vape flavor boss man

I like it but gotta admit I have no clue what the stitching says... “Widnien”?

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