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Addicted puppies raid parrot farms

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Fun fact : 111 West 57 will use a machine at the top with a system of counterweights called a tuned-mass damper to prevent the building from swaying once completed. I asked what would happen before it was installed. The answer "it'll sway." There are windbreak floors designed into the building, but 85 stories swaying in the wind has gotta be a weeeeeeird feeling/optic. The team building that tower are an amazing bunch and tbh the height to base ratio is enough to make your head spin. Worth a trip to 57th and 6th avenue to look at.

Pure Beech Jersey Knit Modal Sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's like sleeping in a t-shirt. So soft!!!

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I made an account just to second this. These sheets are always comfy but the first night on a fresh set will make you rub ur legs together like a cricket ... Super comfy

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