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What kind of guitar do you have? Not saying this is the case, but cheap guitars can be frustrating to keep in tune.

Fallout 4’s ending cutscene hurt me just because I spent 8 months playing, and when I finally got to the end it killed me!

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Having four shitty dialogue choices was heartbreaking enough for the series.

Alrigth so back in 8th grade we had German lessons, I was ok friends with the teacher and right when he was done with giving us a task to do for ourselves i half jokingly asked him in what i thougt was somewhat privacy between us "why is arnold schwarzenegger named schwarz as in black and negger as in... yea". I looked around in the class and everyone was just looking it me in silence until my teacher just said something along the lines of "idunno man".

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That’s a legitimate question, I guess.

Sell it and get an electric guitar amp. Even a 50$ blackstar portable would make world of difference to you.

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