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but...but...I thought Azerbaijan was the land of tolerance?

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don't worry, we're going to prepare both sides for peace



You know what to do

...I hope

Have fun!


Western Armenians pronounce “three” as yerek also.

I think WA pronounce “yesterday” as yereg.

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yes, and the difference between the "g" and "k" would be fairly pronounced. I don't quite think I've seen the two confused before for that reason (not to mention context also really making what word you intended on using rather clear)

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The West Coast Offense is predicated on running different plays off of the same formation. Shanahan has also been clear that he runs his offense off of the running game - it makes his play action calls that much better.

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Walsh mentioned that during the final drive (especially the final play) of super bowl 23 that they did not waiver from the split back formation. There were plenty of other formations they had used during the game/season, but Walsh did not want to present different things to the defense on that last drive because he wanted the defense to line up the way he expected them to. He did not want Sam Wyche (who knew the offense) and Dick Lebeau (I hear he was a pretty good DC...) to change up their percentages and make adjustments that they could not account for.

Not to say that the final play (Montana to Taylor) was simple--it was a very clever design with a sneaky double move by Taylor that was designed specifically for the Bengals defense/had been set up throughout the game. But the formation was rather vanilla.

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Yes. I believe they used the same formation on the last drive of the '82 NFCCG - they got the Cowboys' defense (nickel, before it was called nickel, IIRC) set to defend the pass - which enabled Lenvil Elliott to gain about 30 yards or so running the ball. If your formation doesn't tip the play, the offenses advantage over the defense grows.

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Oh absolutely

They brought in extra DBs, but really Walsh sort of laughed at that and then called 18/19 bob (or the so-called lambeau sweep) over and over again (watch the drive again, the number of pancake blocks with lineman thumping/tossing cornerbacks is hilarious).

The beauty of being able to pass as well as the 49ers could out of split backs was that many of the natural counters/defensive substitutions would end up creating running lanes that we would exploit. People forget that the 49ers literally had no real running game until 1984 (especially during the first run)--that's why the "throw to set up he run" mentality that became synonymous with the WCO really helped us.

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I'm guessing change presents a more balanced passing attack versus the flooded red?

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Not exactly. In the original offense Walsh's backs were very much interchangeable in terms of the passing game. The real reason for "change" IMO was for protection. This was particularly the case for sprint out passes out of Slot formations. If you called a "Sprint Right" series play out of Red Left Slot (TE left, Slot is to the right of the formation here) you'd have the FB strong side to the TE, but you have a HB to the side of the sprint out. You'd preferably want the FB blocking though (presuming he is the better blocker), so you'd instead call Change Left Slot - Sprint Right (insert play here) to have the HB "change" positions with the FB and have the FB set to the side of the sprint out.

Fun trivia--the backs were so interchangeable in the WCO that they often switched up because it made no difference. But in doing so during super bowl 23, Craig and Rathman fucked up on the last play Walsh called (where Montana threw to Taylor). They mixed up their assignments and ran patterns in the wrong direction, fortunately the play still worked though.

>unironically thinks that turks and armenians can be friends

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literally everyone dies and everything from culture to territory gets destroyed

Turkey: I'm sorry Us: Yay let's be friends again

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It's always funny to see how our turkish friends pretend that they have just accidentically killed half of the Armenian population and kicked us out from almost 90% of our lands

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Most Turkish people back then had no idea! It was only the government! They just accidentally discovered vacated homes and looted/pillaged what was left behind/took advantage of women and orphaned children! How were they supposed to know???


Hello, and welcome to Tech Tuesday! As you all know (or will discover), this is the thread where the community's generous techs help out with whatever problems you may find yourself in. However, in order to do so, you all need to provide as much information as possible. If you don't and we start guessing, you either get ignored, insulted for not checking google, insulted for other reasons, or worst of all, downvoted. You don't want that.

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Had plenty of salt and pepper. Too cold? Lol, not for me.

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I was gonna say it looks beautiful

As for Whole Foods dry age...yeah don't expect much from that

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