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I agree. Looks like its the old 55 car and Spire by name.

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That’s because it is

what's with this inverting crap? why penalize someone for being better?

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They do it all the time in short track racing. Seems to work out just fine.

He finished 6th in his only Xfinity start and 3rd in ARCA standings. He isn't bad.

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He ran THIRD in points in an ARCA car prepped by Gibbs with a the most funding of anyone in ARCA.

If you’re not winning every ARCA race by a lap in that situation, you’re under performing.

Kids a joke...

I could see RPM merge with RCR if they make to Daytona in 2020 Tyler Reddick driving the 43

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Welcome to the newest team in cup “Double Dick Motorsports”

Because qualifying takes a different setup and different parts than race trim does.

So effectively, you show up in Q trim. Qualifying gets rained out, you switch over to race trim for Saturday’s 1st practice, then switch back over to qualifying trim for your idea, then back to race trim for Sunday?

There simply aren’t enough hours that the garage is open to do all that.

The items changed between the two can vary quite a bit from team to team....but having to convert back to race trim after qualifying a second time during the weekend, along with final race prep & installation of brand new parts for the race, it would be a tough task.

Why are there sometimes two pace cars during the pace laps?

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Always two pace cars during pace laps. The pace cars run pit road speed during the pace laps, so splitting the field in half gives a more equal opportunity to the entire field to get an accurate reading on their pit road RPM’s.

This is nothing new. LS tires haven’t showed a ton of wear since I can remember at Martinsville.

It is the exact same left side tire they have been running for the past couple of years at Martinsville.

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I’m very aware of this.

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